A book on the process of writing a book, using a book I’m writing …

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Sorry about the title but I couldn’t think of a more descriptive way of describing what I want to do.
I am in the very early stages of planning a novel I have called ‘The Impact of History’ which is part historical, part thriller and part …well you’ll have to wait and see.
The non-fiction book that I will be blogging as I write will run concurrently with the novel and will use the novel for its examples and screenshots to illustrate the various sections of the book. I’m a little stuck on what to call it as I feel it is a different approach to the normal ‘how to write a novel’ books. For the moment I’ll call it ‘From the beginning to The End’.
I want to go through the entire process that I use, from the idea to the finished product and beyond to the marketing and promotion of the book. Each part of the process will be chapter length and offer idea’s, screenshots of my work in progress and a look at the resources on offer to make the writing process as streamlined and uncluttered as possible.
The first section is on the origin of your work of fiction and how you can develope a simple idea into a strong multi-faceted novel. This project will begin next Monday and I will post each week on my progress on both books and share where I’m up to and how the process is going. I look forward to sharing this experiment with you.


Why businesses need editors and proofreaders

The number of times you see missed-spelt words, typo’s or poor grammar in brochures, on websites or even advertisements means businesses need to sit up and take notice

Fiction Editing for Independent authors

Publishers value what we do.

Graduates with theses know how we can help.

Independent authors sell more books because of our attention to detail.

Does the commercial world understand the value we can add?

Commerce produces a veritable blizzard of content— reports, mailshots, brochure, leaflets, advertising copy and web content. It has to be as perfect as possible.

Products and services beautifully photographed or illustrated, engaging content to lure us in and stimulate our acquisitive natures; we are bombarded with it every hour of every day. It has to be as perfect as possible.

The millions of words that are created, written and used by the corporate world, every minute of every day often miss a vital step in their journey from conception to publication — editing and proofreading.

Celebrity movie stars have to do retakes, the files of outtakes at the end of DVD’s are a testament to the…

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